Customer Service: A Smile and a Name

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Did you know a genuine smile and a name can up your customer service game? I love a good customer experience and know how critical good nonverbal and verbal communication are to creating that experience.  So many service providers miss the boat so-to-speak when it comes to truly delivering outstanding service.  How unfortunate.  Then, there are

How to Receive Feedback Like a Pro

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Feedback, when not glowing, can be a tough pill to swallow. Unless ... you know how to receive it like a pro. Today I finished up a training series on presentations and PowerPoint for a client. It was a BIG day for them. After 20 hours of classroom learning and application, the tables turned and

Listen Better So You Can Communicate Better

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Ohh, misunderstandings can be so annoying. Right?!  Who wants to repeat themselves one, two, three, four, or more times because someone else doesn’t take the time to really listen. (To listen AND watch click here!) LISTEN BETTER to communicate better is the tip this week! Copyright Sebastiaan ter Burg. Used with permission. The

Put Your Phone Away – Ban Phone Communication

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A phone communication ban?  What?!? How challenged would you feel if phone communication was banned for 24 hours?  No texting.  Zero calls.  Nada voice mails.  Social media via your smart phone = nope. Would you twitch?   Feel poorly accessorized?  Perhaps feel lost?  Maybe even naked?  I know this week's tip is a real challenge

Don’t Assume When Communicating

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The tip this week is DON’T ASSUME when you are communicating. Click here (Connecting with Communication: Don't Assume) to watch the video and then keep reading for more communicating practice. Now, we have probably all heard the adage “When you assume, it makes an A@@ out of U and ME.”  Let’s not take it that far. 

Be Mindful With Your Communication

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the revitalization of Connecting with Communication where you receive communication tips in 90 seconds or less!  To kick of 2017, my tip is BE MINDFUL with your communication. Click here (Connecting with Communication: Be Mindful) to watch the video and then keep reading for a little more. What does “Be

Customer Service: Responsiveness

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No one likes waiting to be noticed, acknowledged, or helped … that is why RESPONSIVENESS is so critical to achieving customer satisfaction.  So, what exactly is RESPONSIVENESS anyhow?  It is our “willingness to help the customer promptly.” It can be challenging to be responsive when you have multiple customers waiting in line or hundreds of

Customer Service: Empathy

When it comes to customer service and EMPATHY, the definition changes from the one many of us have learned: “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.”  EMPATHY in achieving customer satisfaction is the individual caring and attention you give to your customer.  It is what we do to make a customer feel special, unique, and as