Persist, Desist, or Shift?

Ever feel stuck and unsure whether you should continue trying, come up with a new plan, or just give up? I get it. I’ve been there. Lately, I’m finding myself having conversations with multiple people who feel stuck in their career, their business, or their life in general. It’s a really sucky place to be.

The Cost of a Bad Leader

“In June of 2021, 74% of employees said they experience burnout on the job at least sometimes.” I read this statistic in a recent Gallup article, and I am frustrated that some leaders (apparently way too many) are still failing to give their employees what they need. The Great Resignation isn’t over. 11.5 million U.S.

When It’s Not What You Think It Is

  What an amazing and stunning beautiful natural spring this is: the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. From a distance it is a multi-colored wonder of water that took my breath away. What a pleasing sight for my eyes! When I got closer, it suddenly looked like a steaming, hot, bubbling mystery. Monday