“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” -Jack Dixon

Customer Experience

In the world where virtually almost everything we want is a click away, your customers have many choices on where to spend their hard earned dollars. Why not make them choose your business? Providing the service your customers desire will set you apart from the rest. Give them something priceless – outstanding service and communication. Learn how to become an effective and powerful communicator and make sure each and every customer feels heard, understood and important. Are you ready to start grabbing the attention of, and captivating, your customers?
We’ve all dealt with (or maybe even been) that dissatisfied customer – and, to say the least, it isn’t an ideal situation for anyone involved. Knowing how your attitude gets in the way of happy customers, how to regain commitment and loyalty, and meet the customer’s expectations are all essential pieces of turning unhappy customers into happy customers. Let’s work together to master the steps of service recovery, and interact effectively with dissatisfied customers to win them back!
Interpersonal communication skills are something you need to have in your “tool box” of skills to create outstanding customer experiences. Simply put, a customer that feels understood is a customer who most often says “yes!” Contact me today to learn how to use powerful communication to create an emotional connection, understand the purpose and appropriate use of self-disclosure, effectively initiate and carry conversations, and adapt communication behaviors when needed. Master these and you will be providing outstanding customer experiences and success for you, your employees, and your business.
You know that feeling when someone really listens to you? When you feel like someone “gets” you? It’s that feeling of understanding and connection; we all want and appreciate it, and it isn’t out of reach! Research has shown that if you understand your communication preferences, as well as your customer’s preferences, you can create remarkable results and outstanding customer experiences. Contact me to satisfy your curiosity and learn how to get the skills needed to speak your customer’s language: connect with your customers, manage stressful conservations, and enjoy outstanding interactions.

Employee Engagement

Does it surprise you that 60-70% of employees in the United States are disengaged? It’s true, and it’s a problem. Cultivating a culture of engagement gives your business the opportunity to grow and reach the ultimate success you are looking to achieve. Stop losing, and start winning by learning how to detect the signs and causes of disengagement, and how to overcome them! Once you know these areas, you will be able to develop a plan of action to improve engagement and create an environment that taps into the unique performance triggers of each team member. Through these techniques, you will engage and inspire them to excellence. But, don’t do it alone – I’m here to guide you through each step!
In today’s fast-paced and busy work environments, it can be challenging to creatively craft ways to make employees feel their true value. But, employees who feel appreciated work with more passion, motivation, and efficiency. Don’t leave your team members feeling undervalued and demotivated because you are unaware of how to show them appreciation, or because you simply got “too busy.” Take on the challenge of learning effective, low to no-cost ways to recognize your employees’ needs and make them feel like a million bucks.
It is true that most people are great at focusing on their perceived shortcomings and failures. But, did you know the messages you send yourself and your employees directly impact success? It is time to stop selling people short and to begin capitalizing on untapped awesomeness! To start, I will teach you and your employees how to understand what drives each person’s motivation, evaluate how thinking affects motivation, align actions with desired outcomes, and develop a motivational plan to stay on the path to those awesome results. Feast on countless possibilities and remarkable results by focusing on what really gets a person charged up!
Each day your actions and words constantly send messages through the things you say and don’t say and the actions you do and don’t do. Are you aware of the messages you are communicating to those around you? You need to be! The power of great communication in the workplace should not be underestimated and is something many companies can, want, and need to, improve upon. Is your company one of them? Let’s start exploring your strengths and what you can do to use powerful communication to engage your employees.

Team Excellence

When a team works together efficiently the results and success can be off the charts incredible! However, when a team isn’t strong, they aren’t productive and the outcome can be detrimental for each member involved, not to mention your company. A team equipped with the right skills and knowledge to increase and enhance respect, communication, and camaraderie between each other will operate as a well-oiled team; producing powerful results. Is your team ready to build strength and trust? Eager to understand communication processes to promote teamwork? Ready to learn how to give and receive constructive feedback, and use creativity in team problem solving? If you answered yes, the possibilities for the road to excellence and success within your team are endless! You just need the right training to get you there. I’m ready to teach you how to use each uniqueness and strength within your team to come together and create those powerful successes you strive for.
Have you ever felt like you were making decisions, without a clear vision, just for the sake of forging forward to survive? It doesn’t work. It produces chaos that robs your energy and reason. This hinders you from achieving the success you envision and work so hard to reach. I’m ready to teach you how to clear your vision and start making strong decisions. Get organized! Improve your memory! Manage overload! And use the best decision-making approach for each and every situation you encounter! It’s your time to master each of these areas with a clear vision and achieve remarkable results.
It is likely you have suffered from problem-solving paralysis – and you’re not alone! It is not uncommon to feel as you have no clue where to start and then begin to feel frustrated or overwhelmed when facing a complex issue. With education, and practice, you can become action-oriented when dealing with difficult situations. Learn how to leave the frustrations behind and start looking at these issues as manageable tasks. Now is the time for you and your team to learn how to interpret the difference between surface and root problems. Let’s determine how to set goals focused on each type of problem and use creative, yet effective, techniques and strategies to reach a solution. Say goodbye to problem-solving paralysis and keep moving forward!
Wouldn’t life and work be wonderful if you interacted with only pleasant people all the time? The reality is – you don’t. However, learning how to get along with that person that drives you crazy, identify personal triggers, and become aware of how you affect others are some of the first steps in learning how to remain in control of your power while getting along with and empowering others. If you are ready to take the steps to understand what drives difficult behaviors then map out your change, I’m ready to help get you there!

Written Communication

What do you think when you read a poorly written email, newsletter, or document? Not great things I imagine! Poor business writing skills not only reflect negatively on the writer and company – it confuses the audience and hurts the brand’s reputation. And, as you know, this can be costly. Understanding the steps of positive and effective communication, proposal writing (formal and informal) and clear, concise, and powerful communication are just a few of the ways I will teach you how to improve your writing skills and produce professionally written business communications with confidence!
As I’m sure you have already come to find out, grammar rules are not as cut and dry as most people think. Sure, there are grammar rules that have some wiggle room, but whether you are unsure about your grammar or simply want to brush up and refine your knowledge, I’m here to help! Together we will go through the rules (even the ones with the sometimes confusing wiggle room) about using punctuation appropriately for writing clarity, learning the proper use of the eight parts of speech, constructing well-written sentences, and understanding subject-verb agreements. (Note: it really is exciting stuff!)
It’s no secret that email inboxes are bombarded with emails all day, every day. It is also no secret that email marketing and communications are powerful tools you should be using in your company – but you need to make sure you are using it as effectively as possible to reflect your business positively in all aspects. So how do you make sure your emails do just that? One of the most important things is how it is written. Poorly written emails waste time, and put simply – they annoy people. Writing well-written and professional emails, crafting subject lines that make the recipient want to open the email, and using the appropriate tone for your audience are all factors that will leave the recipient with a lasting, positive impression. After this training you will be well prepared to use your emails as a powerful tool to build your brand and relationships.