How to Deliver Bad News

It’s better to communicate bad news and difficult messages than to avoid it – even if it’s hard and uncomfortable. It’s even better to have a plan. Sure, you can put bad news right out there like this -- “We’re not replacing Sue, so everyone needs to take on some of her tasks.”  “Your territory is

Learning: It Starts with YOU

“I’ve been to so many trainings, I already know all of this.” Ugh. Hearing someone say they don’t have anything to learn makes me sad, and it makes me kind of angry. It makes me empathetic too. I guess I have a lot of emotions about people who stop learning because they sell themselves short.

3 Traits of a Non-Leader Leader

You don’t need a title to be a leader. Every workplace needs non-leader leaders with these three traits. Use Others’ Talents. Do what you are good at and draw on others for what they are good at. If you tend to do everything, know everything, and be everything, stop it. Not only is it egotistical

9 Questions that Build Trust

A leader asked her employee to complete a report “ASAP”. Her employee did AFTER the employee finished the other five things she was working on. What does ASAP mean anyway? Yeah, yeah, I know that it stands for As Soon As Possible, but what does it really mean?  Because YOUR As Soon As Possible can

Don’t Do It

“When you assume, it makes an A@@ out of U and ME.”  There is some truth to the phrase above. When we make assumptions about what a person means we generally find ourselves in a heap of crappy communication. It’s not all your fault though. Some people just don’t know how to use powerful communication.

When Your Brain Is on the Struggle Bus

Many people struggle staying the course with goals or intentions they set for 2023. Maybe working out is less enticing than sitting on the couch and watching TV. Maybe eating healthy is more challenging than grabbing a bag of chips. Maybe reading that top selling professional development book isn’t as exciting as you thought it

Wrinkles or Wisdom?

Have you done away with resolutions knowing you will give up? I did away with resolutions several years ago. They were supposed to motivate me and help me develop better habits, but every time I set one I was disappointed in myself when I didn’t knock my resolution out of the park. So, I stopped

When You Need to Reprioritize

The final month of 2022 demanded me to reprioritize. An unexpected hospitalization of my Father meant I needed to take time to help him navigate many questions, post-hospitalization appointments, and ongoing needs. It was a good reminder for me to slow down and be fully present with family over the holidays. My Father is back

Flexibility Isn’t Just for Gymnasts

For the past month I’ve been working on a full-day training for a client. I really want it to be fantastic, but it has been challenging. There is no one to blame; the client has had several unexpected situations that required us to make changes more than once. Do you know what that is like?

Tick Tock Tick Tock – You’re Taking Too Long

It’s exasperating to work with someone who suffers from analysis paralysis. I worked with someone like this. When he wrote an email it included more information than anyone wanted, needed, or had time to read. Time seemed to move more slowly for him. Yeah, he was difficult to work with. Anyone who works with someone