The final month of 2022 demanded me to reprioritize.

An unexpected hospitalization of my Father meant I needed to take time to help him navigate many questions, post-hospitalization appointments, and ongoing needs. It was a good reminder for me to slow down and be fully present with family over the holidays.

My Father is back on his feet and doing wonderfully, and I am back to share stuff I know. It is good to be back. So, let’s do this!

Many of you are day four into your New Year’s resolutions. Have you broken any yet, or are you still going strong?

For ALL of you, I’d like to start you strong in 2023 with 23 actions you can take to up your game.

23. Accept not everyone has the same standards that you do.

22. Reserve judgment until you have all of the information.

21. Don’t take things too seriously (including yourself).

20. If something isn’t working, do it differently or let it go.

19. Do something uncomfortable.

18. Read a book for fun.

17. Read a book for development.

16. Embrace your inner weirdo (if you don’t know what your inner weirdo is, figure it out).

15. Advocate for what you need and want.

14. Learning something new about your boss.

13. Learn something new about your company.

12. Learn something new about your coworkers.

11. Be the example of what you want from others.

10. If you aren’t in the right job position, find a new one.

9. Go to the source and stop gossiping.

8. Be the problem-finder by focusing on the real problem.

7. Then stop complaining and become the problem-solver.

6. Consider you might be part of the problem.

5. Control what you can control and let go of the rest.

4. Ask your coworkers what they value about you.

3. Own your value with pride not ego.

2. Live your value through how you do your work.

1. Smile more because it makes people like working with you (or maybe it will make people suspicious … either way you will feel good)!

Cheers to you and a spectacular 2023!