Have you done away with resolutions knowing you will give up?

I did away with resolutions several years ago. They were supposed to motivate me and help me develop better habits, but every time I set one I was disappointed in myself when I didn’t knock my resolution out of the park. So, I stopped doing resolutions. Instead, I began choosing a word of the year. Words like joy, strong, positive, and courageous.

This year I have chosen the word kindness.

At first I was charged up on how great it will be to show kindness to others. Then I remembered that being kind to myself has benefits too. When I was doing research on the power of Generosity G Factor makes (to learn more about G Factor get my book) I learned how kindness creates a biochemical impact. The dopamine in our brain is increased and we experience a natural high. Author David Hamilton, PhD, writes about the side effects of kindness in his book The Five Side Effects of Kindness: This Book Will Make You Feel Better, Be Happier & Live Longer.

  1. Kindness makes us happier.
  2. Kindness gives us healthier hearts.
  3. Kindness slows ageing.
  4. Kindness makes for better relationships.
  5. Kindness is contagious.

So, I am challenging myself to be more kind to others by being more cognizant of someone needing help and then offering help. By not holding others to my expectations. By being more loving and understanding when I disagree with someone. By being more patient with others. By asking before assuming. By remembering everyone has a story, a life, an experience that makes them uniquely who they are. By embracing the beauty of what makes us different and learning from those differences. By extending genuine goodwill to others, because as humans they deserve it.

I’m also challenging myself to be more kind to myself. To not be my toughest critic all the time. To not hold myself to perfectionist standards. To allow myself to make mistakes (Grant G Factor). To celebrate and trust what my clients and their employees say that I am doing well instead of being over focused on how to improve. To own the education and experience I have gained over the past 30+ years. To look in the mirror and bypass the wrinkles and grey hair so desperately wanting to be colored, and instead see wisdom.

What is your word for 2023?