It’s exasperating to work with someone who suffers from analysis paralysis.

I worked with someone like this. When he wrote an email it included more information than anyone wanted, needed, or had time to read. Time seemed to move more slowly for him. Yeah, he was difficult to work with.

Anyone who works with someone like this should read the book Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, because it will help you understand that people like the one I worked with want to get things right. There are four types of get it right people.

NOTHING person who is frustrated and withdraws because they believe no one cares about avoiding mistakes as much as they do.

NO person who squashes hope and douses creative sparks.

WHINER who wallows in their worries and feels helpless.  

JUDGE who sets impossible standards and revels in criticizing others because they really believe their perspective is the right perspective.  

Remember –people who act like this do it because getting things right is deeply important to them. Here are some tips to make interactions with them easier:

  • Don’t unnecessarily rush them.
  • Don’t agree or disagree with them.
  • Build a connection with them by focusing on finding a solution.
  • Let their criticism roll off you like water off a duck.
  • Be calm, relaxed, and ask questions that can’t be answered with just a yes or no.
  • Take a deep breath when feeling defensive because of something they said.

Now you have the power to create better interactions with people who overly focus on perfection. Use your power wisely.