Life can be challenging.  Work can be exhausting.  Balancing responsibilities and commitments can suck a person dry.  When you feel physically or mentally incapable of moving forward you have likely hit burnout. 


Image used with permission (c) Bernard Goldbach

Image used with permission copyright Bernard Goldbach

  1. I skip food breaks.
  2. I am frequently irritable.
  3. I have lost my sense of humor.
  4. I self-medicate with food, alcohol, over the counter drugs.
  5. I feel trapped in my situation.
  6. I have difficulty making or explaining decisions.
  7. I am always tired.
  8. I want things to be done my way.
  9. I really don’t care how I make others feel.
  10. I expect the worst.

These are only a few signs or precursors of burnout; however, if you find yourself checking multiple statements above you might want to do something NOW.

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