3 Experts on Creativity

In my quest to read up on creativity in the workplace while writing this month’s articles, I found a few tidbits of information I thought would be great to share. What are the experts saying about creativity in the workplace? It is the responsibility of leadership. Wow!  Is this surprising to you? Reiter-Palmon (2011) wrote

12 Ways to Exercise Your Creative Mind

Do you consider yourself to be in possession of a creative mind?  Or do you consider yourself lacking creativity?  In either case, a creative mind needs to be exercised if one wants to be able to easily tap into it when needed.  It is like conditioning your body for a 20 mile bike ride –

3 Rules to Brainstorming

The topic for the June series is Creativity in the Workplace; something often discounted within organizations.  Why?  When companies are running lean, as many are right now, they want direct results.  The results of creativity are indirect; therefore, quantifying the benefits of creativity proves challenging.  Caution … underestimating the value of creativity can deprive your