Are You Appreciative?

I’m not asking if you feel gratitude. I’m asking if you express gratitude–the real, genuine, and authentic kind of appreciation. We all want to know we are appreciated. When we show appreciation to others two really cool things happen. One, happiness increases for the person we express our gratitude to. That’s probably not surprising, is

Are you inspiring?

Are you inspiring? No? Well, you’re wrong. Keep reading. Yes? Tell us why! And keep reading. In my research where I asked over 800 working professionals what makes them want to work with or for someone, one of the top eight characteristics is the ability to inspire others. It’s called Generate G Factor, and it

  • meetings and psychological safety

Meetings and Psychological Safety (and the Withdrawer)

The lights are on, but no one is home. What I mean by that phrase is a person who is physically in a meeting, but that’s it. They sit in a chair and take up space, but they don’t contribute. They log in, but they don’t turn their camera on, write anything in the chat,

  • meetings and psychological safety

Meetings and Psychological Safety (and the Techie)

Um, excuse me. Is what you are doing more important than what is happening right now? Is there a reason you are on your phone instead of paying attention in meetings? No, you say? Then get off your phone (or your computer)! You’re wasting everyone else’s time. The amount of complaints I hear about Techies