Are you inspiring?

No? Well, you’re wrong. Keep reading.

Yes? Tell us why! And keep reading.

In my research where I asked over 800 working professionals what makes them want to work with or for someone, one of the top eight characteristics is the ability to inspire others. It’s called Generate G Factor, and it matters in the workplace.

What excuses are you using for not owning what makes you inspiring?

Excuse 1: It’s too self-centered or self-promoting.

If this sounds like you, your humility is misplaced. Bain & Company evaluated 2,000 of their own employees to understand the value of inspiration at their company. The results were fascinating. They found “one distinguishing strength nearly doubles your chances of being inspiring—and the more distinguishing strengths you have, the more inspirational you can be.” So, why are you keeping yours a secret?

Excuse 2: There isn’t anything special about me.

First, shame on the person who made you believe that.

Second, as the late speaker and author Leo Buscaglia said,

“You are uniquely something that will never happen again.”

I am 100% in agreement with Leo. There IS something special about you … you just might not know what it is. If you don’t, it’s time to figure it out. Start with these four questions:

  1. What are you known for at work?
  2. Who respects you most at work? Why do they respect you? (If you don’t know, ask them!)
  3. What do you bring to the team that no one else does?
  4. What animal best represents you? Why?

Okay. What is your one distinguishing strength that makes you special? Let go of the excuses and own it, embrace it, celebrate it, and stand in the power of it.

“Inspirational leadership is a person’s ability to create energy and purpose that gets others excited and moving forward.” ~Jeannette Grace, G Factor

To learn more about G Factor, order your copy of my book here: G Factor: 8 Secrets to Increasing Your Gravitational Pull at Work