One of my favorite ways to do introductions in my workshops is to ask people to share a fascinating fact about themselves. Too often I hear, “There isn’t anything fascinating about me.” They’re lying.

The same goes for you. If you tell people there is nothing fascinating about yourself, you are lying, and you aren’t using your Generate G Factor.

It’s possible that if you uncover and share what is fascinating about you, people will love working with you. It’s called Generate G Factor, and it is what allows you to inspire people and be infectious. Take singer songwriter Andy Grammer for example. I’d guess that his fascinating fact is he is a self-proclaimed perpetual optimist, and because of that he exudes joy. He exudes so much joy that it inspired me to follow his music for the past decade.

Last week I took an hour drive for a chance to see him in person at a free concert hosted by Cities 97 radio at a beautiful lakeside restaurant.

An interesting thing happened to me while waiting for the concert to start. I put my name on a waiting list for one of the tables that was supposed to be available about an hour before the concert. I quickly realized that the waiting list wasn’t going to get me or anyone on it a coveted table. The restaurant management was not enforcing the 90-minute max that was posted on their website. Instead, they let the same people sit at the best tables for hours. I was disappointed, irritated, and even a little mad that I followed the rules and now I might not even be able to see Andy Grammer. The entire situation was chaotic.

Then a shift happened. I thought about the spirit in which Andy Grammar lives his life. He is positive, loving, giving, and caring. Perhaps that is how I should be too? So, I was. I told the young hostess that she was doing a great job and handling the everchanging situation well. I talked to other people who were on the waiting list about being grateful that I at least I got to be there on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. I sought out the obviously stressed manager and told him how well the young hostess was handling the situation to which he responded, “Finally, something positive”.

Then something really cool happened – two of the people I had been talking to about being grateful sought me out and invited me to their table which had a great view! Not only did I get to see Andy Grammar up close, I also met some beautiful people.

Andy Grammer’s Generate G Factor is off the charts in my opinion, and it permeated the audience and inspired me to be a better person that day. At the end of the concert he made his way through the crowd which sent us all over the top with excitement (see photo).

You don’t have to be a popular singer songwriter to inspire people and to be infectious. You just need to stop selling yourself short. Stop lying to yourself too. You ARE fascinating, and it is time to figure it out and share it with others!

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