Sometimes we need people to tell us the truth, even if it hurts.

Recently, while practicing what I preach (challenge yourself to be better at what you do and to be a better human), I asked someone to give me some real, nitty gritty, raw feedback.

She did.

Was I scared? Sure, I was.

What if she told me I was a fraud? What if she told me I was a horrible person? What if she confirmed that all my insecurities were actually true? What if? What if? What if?

I asked anyway, because I knew that whatever she said it would be respectful and kind and truthful … even if it would be hard to hear. I knew this because of a thing called Gather G Factor.

Gather G Factor happens when you surround yourself with others who have G Factor. People in your inner circle that not only lift you up when you feel beaten down, but also celebrate you when you rise. People who not only encourage you, but who also challenge you. People who cheer you on, and who tell you to slow down and think harder or think again. It’s about building trust with people so they will tell you what you cannot see about yourself – good and bad.

Such was the case with my friend, Jessica. Twenty years ago we were coworkers at a college. Then we became co-owners of a happiness movement. Now we are friends (and she puts up with my shenanigans – see photo). When I asked her to give me real, nitty gritty, raw feedback, she told me the truth. The good, and yes, a little of the bad too. She was right. I have high standards. And yes, I can become impatient when others don’t hold themselves to the same standard I hold myself too.

That’s cool thing about people you trust is that the tough stuff is easier to hear. It stings a lot less too. And I’m working on myself.

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