• Photo credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi

Ask, Don’t Tell

There are three things wrong with telling an employee what to do. It demotivates them. It doesn’t teach them how to think critically. It makes them dependent on you to solve problems. I had a boss who didn’t want to hear my input or ideas. Instead, he wanted me to execute his vision for a

Setting Boundaries

We establish what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t by what we permit. This is true in relationships, and it is true in communication too. When someone talks over you, do you just wait until they are done? If someone uses language that makes you cringe, do you stay silent? What about letting someone take

The Art of the Pause

Have you ever … stuck your foot in your mouth? wished you could go back and say it differently? confused someone with what you said? filled space without adding value? overwhelmed someone with information? Our brains process speech in 600 milliseconds. Wow! That’s fast. It’s so fast that it makes it incredibly easy for you

Does My Email Really Need a Greeting?

A common mistake made when writing in the workplace is writing for yourself when you should be writing for your audience. Do you include things that you think are interesting, but your audience doesn’t need to know? How about details or history that your audience could care less about? If you want your written communication