9 Ways to Describe a Bad Boss

In the 25+ years that I’ve been teaching leaders how to be better leaders, I’ve heard a lot of colorful words used to describe bad bosses. Here is an interesting list of them with definitions from various dictionaries-- Dictator – uses authority in an unjust way Unsupportive – does not care enough to help Micromanager

I Dare You to Mess Up

If you are perfect, stop reading. There is nothing here for you. On second thought, this article is probably more for you than it is for anyone else. Keep reading if you: avoid risk are afraid to fail get annoyed when people screw up have difficulty owning up to your mistakes hold yourself to high

The Cold Hard Truth Can Hurt … or Not

Sometimes we need people to tell us the truth, even if it hurts. Recently, while practicing what I preach (challenge yourself to be better at what you do and to be a better human), I asked someone to give me some real, nitty gritty, raw feedback. She did. Was I scared? Sure, I was. What