Bad communication. There. I said it. I know there are other reasons we don’t trust leaders, but as a communication expert, bad communication is something I hear employees complain about over and over. Sporadic and non-transparent communication leads to employees feeling devalued and negative because the human brain is prone to catastrophic thinking. On a

Motivation Secrets

How motivated are you feeling today? One reason for lack of motivation is a lack of connection with others. Employee motivation rises when  employees feel connected to who they work with and work for. Connection (also known as Relatedness) is a psychological need for human motivation. True connection begins with clear shared purpose (i.e., goal,

Awkwardly Inspiring

When you were young, what made you special? This is what I knew about myself … Eye patch to fix a lazy eye. Glasses taped together so I could see with the other eye. Crooked bangs because an at-home haircut was affordable. Freckles. Big ears. Awkward. Didn’t fit in. For years, that is what I