When you were young, what made you special? This is what I knew about myself …

Eye patch to fix a lazy eye. Glasses taped together so I could see with the other eye. Crooked bangs because an at-home haircut was affordable. Freckles. Big ears. Awkward. Didn’t fit in.

For years, that is what I knew about myself. Then, one day I heard this quote by Leo Buscaglia,

“You are uniquely something that will never happen again.”

What I knew changed.


Whatever makes you uniquely you is a distinguishing strength. And according to research by Bain & Company, one distinguishing strength DOUBLES your chances of being inspiring.

Being awkward and not fitting in is one of my distinguishing strengths. It makes me an entertaining speaker and facilitator. It helps me create unique solutions for my client’s problems. It allows me to connect with every person on their team who feels like they don’t fit in (who, generally speaking, is most everyone). It enables me to be compassionate, understanding, and empathetic. It even has a name – Generate G Factor.

Imagine what would happen if you knew and let everyone see your distinguishing strength? How inspiring would you be if you knew more than one of your distinguishing strengths?!? Gaaaaahhhhh! Mind explosion!

Today, my hair is better, and my glasses are no longer taped. Today, I know that I am uniquely something that will never happen again.

What about you? Do you know your distinguishing strength?