How motivated are you feeling today?

One reason for lack of motivation is a lack of connection with others. Employee motivation rises when  employees feel connected to who they work with and work for. Connection (also known as Relatedness) is a psychological need for human motivation.

True connection begins with clear shared purpose (i.e., goal, mission, vision, objective, or values): a purpose that every team member or employee understands and supports. Once this happens, employees become tethered and loyal, and the connection can be strengthened with frequent, transparent communication.


Caring. Show kindness and concern (a.k.a. Generosity G Factor). A 2015 study found evidence that kindness and caring DOES POSITIVELY IMPACT both team processes and effectiveness. How can you make this happen? Here are a few ideas:

  • Initiate a real conversation: ask questions and listen
  • Be sensitive to others’ timelines
  • Write a note to a coworker to let her/him/them know you care
  • Start a collection for a coworker in need

Belonging. No one wants to be the kid who is chosen very last for a team in gym class. Employees don’t like to feel unwanted or invisible either. When they feel they matter, motivation springs to life. Find out what is going on in your employees’ worlds. How are their projects going? What do they need? Are they struggling? What are the wins so far this week? Show that you care about who they are and how they are doing.

One important note I haven’t mentioned yet – connectedness is a two-way street. It is what we give (as you see above). It is also what we get. Be a gracious receiver of connection, caring, and belonging.

(If you want to learn more about Generosity G Factor, click here to take the free assessment.)