Why ‘Be Humble Day’ Doesn’t Work

Today, February 22, was Be Humble Day. I like it, but I also don’t like it. I appreciate the sentiment of not boasting and letting your actions do all the speaking. Generally, I think humility is an attractive trait. But in the workplace, keeping your successes and talents to yourself will hold you back. When

How to Inspire More

Are others rolling their eyes when you talk? Do you find people are avoiding you? Ignoring you? Feeling like people don’t love working with you? If yes, you might be the wrong kind of infectious! Help is here. Gallup released an article at the end of January with the 7 People Management Skills You Need

2 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Employees need more. Before you say, “There isn’t money in the budget” “We’re all expected to do more with less right now” “I’m too busy” let me ask you this – what will it get you? At best, you will get unhappy + unproductive = disengaged employees. If you are concerned about employee engagement, you


Should it be shocking that I’ve talked with 4 people recently who were onboarded during COVID and still don’t really know their coworkers? They don’t like it and neither do I. Trust promotes loyalty, creativity, and innovation. But how can trust be built if employees aren’t given time to build connection with each other? Last