Today, February 22, was Be Humble Day. I like it, but I also don’t like it.

I appreciate the sentiment of not boasting and letting your actions do all the speaking. Generally, I think humility is an attractive trait. But in the workplace, keeping your successes and talents to yourself will hold you back.

When I was a young girl my sister said, “Don’t ever say nice things about yourself to others because people will think you are conceited.” For years I lived by her advice. Unfortunately, I started to believe there wasn’t anything special about me, and I began to fade into the background.

Are you fading into the background?

If you don’t help people see why you are an asset, they could miss it. You’ve got to be the one to let people know. Let them know how you can help, what you can do, why you want the job, the promotion, the responsibility, etc.

Before I go too far, I want to draw a clear distinction between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance happens when you place your value, needs, and importance above those of others. It is a turn off. Confidence honors your value and needs while honoring the value and needs of others. It is a turn on.

So, before you poo-poo your value and needs, take a moment to acknowledge them! Get in there and get really clear what they are. (Last week’s article can help you with that.) Once you know what they are, sit with them for a little bit. Think about how they can be used to do your work better, help your team, or achieve goals. Then decide who needs to hear it. Then, tell them!