Employees need more. Before you say,

“There isn’t money in the budget”

“We’re all expected to do more with less right now”

“I’m too busy”

let me ask you this – what will it get you?

At best, you will get unhappy + unproductive = disengaged employees.

If you are concerned about employee engagement, you should be. Gallup just released these statistics:

  • The ratio of engaged to actively disengaged workers in the U.S. is 2.1 to 1, down from 2.6 to 1 in 2020.
  • The greatest declines were in clarity of expectations, having the right materials and equipment, and the opportunity for workers to do what they do best.
  • There has been a 12% decline in engagement among managers and healthcare workers.

You have two choices. One choice is to continue as you are and expect things to get worse. The second choice is to give your employees a path to do the work they were hired to do so they can do it well.


Remove Obstacles. Clear the rocks, mud, and debris that are in the way. I understand a lack of resources can make it hard, but we can be resources for each other. If you see someone struggling, lend a hand. Offer ideas. Show you care – it’s called Generosity G Factor and it will create belonging which is a tenet of employee engagement. If you are a leader, it is your responsibility to be a resource for your team. Make yourself available. Be accessible.

Coach Instead of Direct.  Leaders, this is specifically for you. I know you are busy, overloaded, overwhelmed, treading water – use whatever descriptor fits. I see it, and I hear it. I also know that when humans are burned out, their default behavior becomes control, command, demand, or disappear.  You know, the kind of stuff missing-in-action or autocratic leaders and micromanagers are made of. In times like this, coaching becomes even more important for your employees. It’s called Guide G Factor. Help your employees feel that their development is worth your time.

*For more on Gallup’s report, click here: U.S. Employee Engagement Drops for First Time in a Decade