What’s up With People Who Repel Their Coworkers?

In my career I’ve worked with people I didn’t like working with. People I didn’t want to be alone with, not because they were creepy (well, there might have been a couple of creeps), but because they were energy sucks. And there have been a couple bosses that made me dread waking up in the

How to Communicate with a Get-it-Right Person

Meet Chloe. Chloe is a thinker. She understands the value of solid preparation. For example, Chloe writes her to-do list at the end of each day so that she is organized for the following day. She sometimes reviews her to-do list in the morning to make she didn’t miss anything. She wants to get it

How to Communicate with a Get-Appreciated Person

Meet Nancy. Nancy likes excitement. She loves to spend time chit-chatting with coworkers and is highly energetic. Although she can appear disorganized sometimes, she thrives on variety and spontaneity. Sometimes others get frustrated with her because she wants to spend more time thinking up ideas rather than executing them. If you asked Nancy’s coworkers what