Meet Nancy. Nancy likes excitement. She loves to spend time chit-chatting with coworkers and is highly energetic. Although she can appear disorganized sometimes, she thrives on variety and spontaneity. Sometimes others get frustrated with her because she wants to spend more time thinking up ideas rather than executing them. If you asked Nancy’s coworkers what they like most about working with her, they would say she is fun, easy to talk to, and the cheerleader of the team. Nancy is an Expressive communicator.

How can you tell someone is an Expressive?


Even though Expressives can be viewed as having their heads in the clouds, be careful of thinking they are flighty. They are skilled brainstormers and help team members think bigger and broader to produce better solutions. You can count on them to encourage success. If you think you know someone who is an Expressive communicator, use these tips to improve your interactions.


  1. Go with the flow.  Trust and know they will get to the destination in their own way.
  2. Pick their brains. Ask them to share ideas.
  3. Keep moving. Don’t speak, walk, or think too slow.
  4. Keep it high-level. Don’t be too detailed because you might lose their attention.
  5. Have fun. Be playful in your interactions.

NOTE: I have only included a snippet of the assertiveness and responsiveness behaviors of an Expressive and what can be done to communicate better with a person of this style. To use this model effectively I recommend:

  • Reach out to me to bring the training to your organization.