In my career I’ve worked with people I didn’t like working with. People I didn’t want to be alone with, not because they were creepy (well, there might have been a couple of creeps), but because they were energy sucks. And there have been a couple bosses that made me dread waking up in the morning to slug myself to work. These people weren’t inspiring. They weren’t fun. They weren’t kind. They weren’t a lot of things. The saddest part is that when I worked with people like this, I didn’t show up my best or do my best work. What’s up with people who repel their coworkers?

People who repel have little to no gravitational pull, more aptly called G Factor. Unfortunately, if you give them too much power than can drag you down.

Here are 7 signs of people who lack G Factor:

  1. They think they know everything.
  2. They tell you what to do and how to do it.
  3. They treat you like you should be thankful you have a job even if your job stinks.
  4. Their sense-of-humor is as funny as a box of stale cereal.
  5. They roll their eyes or scoff when you share an idea.
  6. They don’t care about you.
  7. They are negative.

Don’t be like them.