Sometimes it is a conversation with old friends that reminds you of important things.  I decided my weekly blog for the coming seven weeks should offer you, my readers, tips on how to increase your G Factor.

Let me give you a little insight to where this is coming from.

Used with permission. Copyright University of Exeter

Used with permission. Copyright University of Exeter.

When spending time with friends who live in the Chicago area this past weekend I was reminded of something from my book G Factor: How to get others to gravitate to you.  In the book I share seven ‘ways of being’ that will increase your power to draw others to you.  While sitting on my friend’s deck and talking about life – contentment, regrets, people we lost, successes, yada yada yada – we found ourselves discussing whether we have the right to eliminate or limit our time with toxic people.

The answer … YES.

This leads to the first G Factor – GATHER: Surround yourself with those who ooze G Factor.  When you GATHER, it isn’t so much about cutting people out of your life; it is instead an intention to fill your life with others who possess G Factor.

Psychologist Kurt Lewin developed an equation which explains that a person’s behavior is a function of their personality and environment.


Lewin’s equation forces us to think about the people who fill our environment.  If your environment is filled with people who have negative, stagnant, selfish, unhappy, judgmental, lazy behaviors and dispositions, you can expect your behaviors to function conversely to those with G Factor. If your environment is filled with people who are positive, forward-thinking, giving, happy, compassionate, and driven you can expect your G Factor to increase! Simple really.


  1. List 10 people you interact with on a regular basis.
  2. Identify on your list who possess G Factor and who doesn’t.
  3. Make a decision about who you will surround yourself with and how you will strengthen those connections.