I’m not talking about the Rolling Stones here and their song “Time is On My Side”.  What I mean is – how well are you managing your time?  Instead of jumping directly into a pool of tips and tricks for better time management, I am going to ask you to take a step back and consider the reasons you manage your time the way you do.

Preferred Work Style.  Imagine being put in an open space to do your work … would it energize you or exhaust you? Your answer to this question is an indicator of your preferred work style.  So often we attempt to be productive in a situation that is at odds with what we need. Five factors to consider about your preferred work style are:

  • Noise level
  • Pace
  • Amount of interaction with others
  • Physical environment
  • Extent of responsibility

World Perspective. Do you work to live or live to work?  Don’t worry … there isn’t a right or wrong answer.  Treat your answer as insight to why you manage your time the way you do.  Consider these three factors:

  • Upbringing
  • Education
  • Principles

Energy Cycle. Are you a morning person or a night person?  When we listen to the natural cadence of our bodies and plan our activities accordingly, we are able to maximize the outcomes of our efforts.  Without knowing our energy cycle we find ourselves fighting to manage the simplest of tasks.  Think about this:

  • When do I begin to feel energetic each day?
  • When do I start to feel tired?
  • When does my energy plummet?
  • What happens when I refuel?
  • When does my brain seem to be firing on all cylinders?

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