LEARNING FROM GIRAFFES: Shhhh …. (Part 5 of 5)

Giraffes aren’t very vocal creatures.  In fact, giraffes are often silent, and when they do vocalize, it’s quite quiet, like humming or snoring. I’m not suggesting you take up snoring at work (but humming could be okay).  What I AM suggesting is that there are benefits to being a little more silent and more selective

4 Ways to Tackle Evil Proscratination

Procrastination is an evil beast that zaps our energy and confidence.  But who doesn’t struggle with procrastination? No one I know.  Some people struggle more than others, but the reality is that from time to time we all find ourselves putting off complex tasks, avoiding the unpleasant ones, or letting ourselves become distracted by trivial

6 Questions: Energy and Productivity

When we listen to the natural cadence of our bodies and plan our activities accordingly, we are able to maximize the outcomes of our efforts.  Without knowing our energy cycle we find ourselves fighting to manage the simplest of tasks.  Answering the following questions will help in understanding your natural energy cycle so you can