As a communication expert, I read, study, and research human behavior. It pushes me to regularly reflect on my own behavior, and today I seem to be reflecting … and reflecting … and reflecting. I am reflecting to the point that I am  not really making progress. My. Brain. Does. Not. Want. To. Work. Today.

My brain is swirling with all of the things I SHOULD do, I NEED to do, I WANT to do, I DIDN’T do.  I’m distracted by the banging and sawing from our window installers. I’m anxious about my father-in-law’s memorial service this coming weekend. I can’t decide where to hold my virtual training tomorrow, because it might be too noisy in my home office (back to the window situation). I sit staring at my computer endlessly trying to figure out what to write about this week. I waffle on what I think others would like to learn … and I research what is trending … and I revisit my past blogs and articles. Yet nothing is definitively telling me to write about it. I’m stuck.

Then I hear a voice in my head. It is Cher. She is saying “Snap out of it!” [Moonstruck movie reference in the case of confusion]. Light bulb! Why don’t I just write about what I am experiencing right now? Surely those of you reading this have been here before, and you know the exhausting challenge of engaging your brain when … it … just … doesn’t … want … to … go … to … work.

JACKPOT! I found my own advice from June 2013 AND I followed it. Let these three following exhibits HELP YOU when your brain doesn’t work. (Note: the actions for you to take are highlighted in orange.)

Ready requires a person to not obsess about the task and to let go of perfection. Fire requires a person to take immediate action. Aim requires a person to course correct and fix mistakes.EXHIBIT ONE. BABY STEPS.  I took one. I used the anti-procrastination technique called Ready Fire Aim. The first three paragraphs above are evidence.

Now, you try it.

TWO. CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE.  I googled “quotes on ‘when your brain doesn’t work’ ” and I found this gem: “Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.” – Tony Gaskins.

Aaaaah, my perspective is changing already.

Now, your turn to google a great quote.

sunrise view from an airplane

THREE. SURROUND MYSELF WITH HAPPY.  Just as I did when I wrote on the topic of motivation in 2013, I did something easy for a quick win! I updated my FB timeline photo. I went from this photo which was taken from a plane (I know, saying it was taken from a plane is pointing out the obvious – sorry, it’s a tough day today). It is from a birthday trip to Vegas with two girlfriends to see Cher (wow, that’s two Cher references in one post and I’m not even her biggest fan),

a giraffe eating a piece of lettuce from a railing


to this, taken when my husband took me on an amazing, glorious, surprise trip to meet the famous April the Giraffe and her calf Tajiri at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. (This was a huge deal because giraffes make my heart really really happy.)


Both are happy memories , but in different ways. The first photo makes me happy in a relax/chill sort of way, and the second makes me happy in a smile/laugh way. Today, I needed the smile/laugh kind of happiness.

Now, share a photo of something that makes you happy – and if you want to spread a little happiness in my direction, please share yours!

Wishing you a fully-engaged-brain kind of day!