When it comes to customer service and EMPATHY, the definition changes from the one many of us have learned: “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.”  EMPATHY in achieving customer satisfaction is the individual caring and attention you give toempathy your customer.  It is what we do to make a customer feel special, unique, and as if they are the only customer.  Being treated like a “number” or as a source of money to line someone’s pockets, you were NOT treated with empathy.

Watch the video below to learn one way to show empathy and continue reading to learn more!




  • Use their NAME. People notice if you mispronounce their name or misspell it, so say it correctly and spell it correctly. (e.g. my name is frequently misspelled with only one “n” and it should have two of them.)
  • ASK what is important to them. Find out what they really need and want before making recommendations. (e.g. the customer says they are looking for value, but through questions you learn they aren’t willing to compromise quality.)
  • LISTEN to who and what do they talk about it. Connect with them by having a conversation about something unrelated to the purchase per se.  (e.g. the customer mentions having recently returned from vacation, so ask them where they went, where they stated, and if they would recommend it to others.)
  • ANTICIPATE their needs. Figure out what they need and aren’t asking for and take care of it before they have a chance to ask. (e.g. the customer is wearing a surgical boot, so offer them a chair to sit on.)
  • PRACTICE the Platinum Rule. Throw the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) out the window!  Instead, do unto others as THEY would have done unto them.

Now, go forth and practice EMPATHY with your customers and see what happens!