7 Steps to Customer Service Recovery

Complaints are a customer’s gift to you. Huh? When customer’s complain, they give you the opportunity to make things right.  Using the 7 Steps to Customer Service Recovery will increase your likelihood of regaining the customers’ trust and confidence. Apologize.  Apologizing does not meet you are admitting guilt; it simply means you are acknowledging they

3 Tips for Excellent Internal Customer Service

So much of what we read and learn about customer service is about external customer service.  A quick Google search of “external customer service” returned “about 7,500,000” hits.  When searching “internal customer service” the number of hits dramatically decreased to “about 471,000”.  This is pretty telling in my opinion.  Does your company have the knowledge

Positive Attitude in 3 Easy Steps

A great way to differentiate your company from others is through the service your employees provide.  The quality of your service is directly tied to the attitudes of your employees. Customer service employees are constantly balancing wants, needs, personalities, and emotions.  It can be extremely challenging to maintain a positive attitude … especially in stressful