Reflections: 6 Nuggests I’ve learned

Each time I facilitate training, I learn from those that I am there to teach.  My head is filled with unexpected nuggets of information – often things that make me go “hmmmm”.  As we turn the page on summer and get ready for the fall, I decided I would use this week as an opportunity

Coaching Your Team

Coaching is a method supervisors use to recognize and/or develop their employees.  Many employees are hungry to be coached, yet many supervisors don’t make it a priority.  Having a meeting with an employee to correct behavior isn’t necessarily coaching.  Instead, adopt the idea that you can make your employees better when you invest in their

6 Phases of Not-so-Positive Feedback

My last web article presented 4 easy steps to giving positive feedback (if you want to be a superior supervisor).  I hope you have been recognizing the great work of your employees! BUT.  There is a flipside of positive feedback … not-so-positive feedback – a.k.a. constructive criticism or corrective. Part of your role as a