Each time I facilitate training, I learn from those that I am there to teach.  My head is filled with unexpected nuggets of information – often things that make me go “hmmmm”.  As we turn the page on summer and get ready for the fall, I decided I would use this week as an opportunity to share a few nuggets I have learned from my clients in the past few months.  Maybe they will make you go “hmmmm” too.

Couch Surfing: Sleeping on the couches of strangers when traveling, instead of staying at a hotel (www.couchsurfing.org).  There are people all over the world who open their homes to travelers.  What?!?  (Then a safety discussion ensued between a police officer and a prison corrections officer.)  Interesting.

Fire Safety: Some cities provide residents with FREE smoke detectors (e.g. St. Paul, MN) and some will install and change batteries (e.g. Bloomington, MN).

Failure is Good: I am not the only one who thinks failure means you are stretching to be better.  A student in my Motivation That Gets Results training shared this video with me after attending the class.  Dessa, A Rapper’s Commencement Speech.


Animal Profiler: A person who take photos of animals at the animal shelter in hopes they will be adopted to a good family.

Law Enforcement Training:  Alexandria Technical College attracts people from all over the United States into their program based solely on their excellent reputation (by the way – I was told this by an experienced state trooper who moved from Seattle to Alexandria just to attend their program).

Exercise: A particular company has a bicycle for their employees to sign out when they want to take a ride.  Cool!

P.S. I LOVE learning!