Customer Service: Assurance

Customer service requires meeting customer expectations.  It's really that simple.  The research of Valarie A. Zeithaml, A. Parasuraman, and Leonard L. Berry in the 1980s found customers measure their expectations of service with the actual service provided to them.  If you meet or exceed their expectations, they feel you are interested in them and they will be

Customer Service: Marrying procedure and personal

Marriage isn't just for couples anymore!  Marriage is important to excellent customer service too.  What I mean by that is this -- to provide outstanding customer service we need to provide BOTH procedural prowess and personal play.  This video will explain more. I shot this week’s tip from my car.  Why?  About 2 ½ weeks ago

Conflict and Perfection: Get it right

Conflict and Perfection: what's it all about?  It's certainly not about the hokey pokey! Welcome back to our final week on conflict using this book …. We end the series with the person whose intent is to get it right because they need perfection.  For these people it is easy to be thrown off when