Using Questions to Build Trust

My boss asked me to complete the report ASAP. So, I did. I completed it after I finished the other five things I was working on. When I emailed the report to my boss, she asked me. “Wow! What took so long??” There are two things wrong with that exchange of words.  One, I was

How Listening to Understand Builds Trust

It was a tough conversation to have with my boss.  I told her that I didn’t feel my talents were being used in the best way and that I had more to give, more to contribute to the team. I gave examples of how I could do more and grow my skills. She nodded her

6 Ways to Communicate Trust

Leaving parts out. Withholding information. False statements. Stretching the truth. Hiding details. Misrepresentation. Spin-doctoring. You may not mean to communicate distrust, but are you doing it by accident? Your communication gives all sorts of clues.  If you want to express sincerity and build trust do this with your communication: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR NOSE.