Benefits of Humor at Work

Let’s face it. The holiday season is upon us and that means more stress! It’s not unusual for the stress in our personal lives to carry over into our professional lives. Frankly, unmanaged stress makes for a really unpleasant workplace. But what can you do about it? Laugh more! There is a long list of

Becoming a Genius Leader

One mistake leaders can make is to act like they know every aspect of a job. This mistake is driven by the fear that if an employee can do something better than they the leader themself, it must mean they aren’t a good enough leader. Here’s the problem with bosses like that -- employees aren’t

Are They Worth It?

Stop investing time and energy in people who don’t care enough to care back. They are energy sucks! Before the pandemic both my work and personal calendars were jam packed. I was overscheduled and overcommitted. Friends would ask to get together; I had to schedule them 6 weeks out. I was working way too much.

Kindness Matters

It was unexpected in more than one way. An unexpected expression of caring and concern that still deeply touches my heart 15 years later after an unexpected loss. And one that is cathartic to write about today, November 9, because today my Mom would have turned 79 years old. Emotional story ahead. On November 14,

How Appreciation Changed My Life

In 1997 I kicked off my speaking career at a conference for business students. I charged exactly zero dollars. You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s still really great, Jeannette! Way to seize an opportunity.” Not so fast. They didn’t ask me to come. What really happened is that I called the executive director and asked