Stop investing time and energy in people who don’t care enough to care back. They are energy sucks!

Before the pandemic both my work and personal calendars were jam packed. I was overscheduled and overcommitted. Friends would ask to get together; I had to schedule them 6 weeks out. I was working way too much. Clients would ask for last-minute trainings; I would say yes. I remember facilitating a training on a Sunday because that was the only day I had available that month. What was I thinking?

When forced to slow down because the world shut down, I, like many people, took time to reflect and evaluate. A troublesome pattern appeared. I cared more about certain friendships than those friends did. I cared more about moving client’s employees from point A to point B than some of their leaders did. So much caring was sucking joy from my personal life, and even more so, it was sucking the joy completely out of my business.

Why was I investing so much time in caring when they could care less?

I stopped. I stopped investing in friendships that were not reciprocal. I stopped working with clients who expected me to ‘fix’ their employees without a willingness to be part of the solution, which at times required fixing their leadership approach.

Wow! How scary. How liberating!

Somewhere along the way I had lost sight of my Gather G Factor (surround yourself with others who ooze G Factor). Today, I am more thoughtful about who and what I invest in. And you know what? My joy has grown exponentially. And you know what is even cooler? I have fallen back in love with my business.

It feels good.

Is joy being sucked from your life? Your Gather G Factor might be a little out of whack. Take the free G Factor assessment to find out.