It was unexpected in more than one way. An unexpected expression of caring and concern that still deeply touches my heart 15 years later after an unexpected loss. And one that is cathartic to write about today, November 9, because today my Mom would have turned 79 years old.

Emotional story ahead.

On November 14, 2006, five days after her 64th birthday, my Mom passed away. Although she had cancer, it wasn’t cancer that ultimately ended her life. While hospitalized for pneumonia, she was given a breathing tube so her lungs could concentrate on getting clear. While the breathing tube was making it easier for her to breathe, the size of it was a little too big, so the doctors replaced it with a smaller, more comfortable one. Her heart stopped during the procedure.

When I returned to work 6 days later, I found my office door covered in kind words and sympathies from my students. It was so unexpected, and it was so needed. It was their kindness and concern that carried me through my first day back to work.

I’ve been thinking a lot of about the importance of showing kindness and concern. Maybe because this is the time of the year I reflect on my beautiful Mother. Or maybe because it’s World Kindness Day this Saturday. Either way, I encourage you to explore Generosity G Factor by showing kindness and concern for others. Not only will it make someone’s day better, but it will make yours better too!

Here are a few people and companies to inspire you.

Pay with a Post-it® Australia

Pay with a Post-it® UK

Sure, I’ll share my lunch with you!

Pepsi’s pandemic kindness

The classic “take a penny, leave a penny”

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P.S. Happy birthday Mom. <3