One mistake leaders can make is to act like they know every aspect of a job. This mistake is driven by the fear that if an employee can do something better than they the leader themself, it must mean they aren’t a good enough leader. Here’s the problem with bosses like that — employees aren’t inspired to do their best work.

Employees want to work for supervisors and managers who encourage them to do work that uses their natural talents and intelligence because it feels good. It’s called Genius G Factor. When a leader does it, magic happens. Think about it. When you do work that plays to your natural talent and intelligence, you perform better. Things like:

  • Getting work done faster
  • Being energized by your work
  • Experiencing more creativity
  • Accomplishing goals quicker
  • Feeling happier which makes others enjoy being around you

Leaders who know and take ownership for what they are good at, AND what they are not good at, do better at identifying and using the talents of their employees. These are the types of leaders people want to work for.  Are you that leader? Find out: click here.