Reflections as We Say Goodbye to 2021

It’s easy to lament over 2021 bringing many of the same challenges 2020 brought. I don’t see a benefit in that, so instead I write this last newsletter for 2021 to share gratitude and inspire hope. SELF. I read 28 books this year and took up walking in September. I needed to do something to

Is Your Success Being Held Hostage?

Are you avoiding risks because you don’t want to make a mistake? Afraid to try something new because you might fail? Worried your boss will lay into you if you mess up? Scared your coworkers will laugh at you if you say the wrong thing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your

Be a Better Busy Leader

Expectations. Chaos. Demands on your time. Long list of to dos. Too many commitments. Too many deadlines. Too much to do. Not enough rest. Not enough calm. Not enough time. Is this what life sounds like for you right now? If it is, you could be headed in a bad direction. When life gets busy,