Expectations. Chaos. Demands on your time. Long list of to dos. Too many commitments. Too many deadlines. Too much to do. Not enough rest. Not enough calm. Not enough time.

Is this what life sounds like for you right now? If it is, you could be headed in a bad direction.

When life gets busy, as it so often does during the holiday season, you can lose your ability to remain calm and stay flexible. Instead of asking for help, you take over. Instead of asking questions, you bark answers. Instead of seeking understanding, you make assumptions. Instead of coaching, you micromanage.

Stop! It’s not helping you or anyone you work with.

Employees are inspired and do better when they are coached. It’s called Guide G Factor, and it is one of the eight skills a leader needs to become a leader everyone wants to work with. Here are a few ways to make quick improvements:

  1. Pause before you respond.
  2. Step in only when you need to.
  3. Delegate one task.
  4. Assess your G Factor.

Once you’ve done all four, sit back, relax, reflect, and take time to congratulate yourself.