Are you avoiding risks because you don’t want to make a mistake? Afraid to try something new because you might fail? Worried your boss will lay into you if you mess up? Scared your coworkers will laugh at you if you say the wrong thing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your success is being held hostage.

The way through it requires Grant G Factor: giving yourself (and others) permission to mistakes. When I look back at my 2021, I can clearly see how Grant G Factor was a benefit.

  • I tried something new – free webinars. I loved doing them because in my heart of hearts, I want to help leaders build amazing workplaces where people want to work. After a few webinars I learned I was giving my expertise and not asking for anything in return, so I adjusted my strategy. I added an ask (e.g., sign up for my weekly newsletter, write a testimonial, put me in touch with the decision maker in your company) … but after a few more webinars, I learned I was still giving too much away for free. My webinars were filled with tools and strategies to motivate employees, manage difficult meeting behaviors, cultivate and maintain psychological safety, etc. Why would anyone hire me if I made them feel they had learned all they needed to know in the webinar? Lesson learned. In 2022 I am putting my energy into other ways to serve my clients and grow my business.
  • I planned to develop my first digital course. It was going to be about psychological safety for leaders. After spending several months reading, researching, interviewing leaders, and creating surveys and getting feedback, my business coach asked, “Jeannette, why aren’t you developing your first digital course around your book?” Huh?!? It was a great question. Lesson learned. The focus for my first digital course needed to shift, so I pivoted. I am thrilled to announce that I am ringing in 2022 with the launch of “How to Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work With” to selected people AND opening the course to everyone on March 1! So … stay tuned.

You see, when you exercise a little Grant G Factor and give yourself permission to make mistakes, some really cool things happen!

As 2021 comes to a close, look back on your mistakes. Search for the lessons in those mistakes. Then use the lessons to propel your 2022.