It’s easy to lament over 2021 bringing many of the same challenges 2020 brought. I don’t see a benefit in that, so instead I write this last newsletter for 2021 to share gratitude and inspire hope.

SELF. I read 28 books this year and took up walking in September. I needed to do something to combat negative thoughts that were taking too much space in my head. So far, I have walked 364 miles in the past 3.5 months – that’s almost to Chicago! I am grateful for legs that work and good tennis shoes! I hope to walk 1200 miles in 2022 and hope you will do something that fills your head and heart with exactly what you need.

FAMILY. Although my 83-year-old father had Covid, he is still with us and full of vim and vigor. I am grateful for his young spirit and every moment we have together. I am grateful for my amazing, supportive husband who loves me through my worst moments and cheers me on in my best. I am grateful for our daughters, their families, and for how my heart swells when I am with my grandsons. I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy and your hearts swell with joy.

BUSINESS. My word for this year was courageous. I tried some new things that didn’t work. I hired out some tasks that didn’t provide a great return on my investment. I stopped playing it safe. My business drove down a curvy road and perhaps took a detour or two. I am grateful that I understand without risk reward is less likely to come, and I am jazzed and hopeful about the things I have planned for 2022. I hope you will do something courageous in the year ahead!

So, with that, I say goodbye to you for 2021. I am giving myself permission to take the next two weeks off from writing my weekly newsletter and posting on social media. I’ll be back in 2022 and ready to share some really cool things! And if vim and vigor is genetic, hold on folks!