Email offers some really fantastic perks such as: 1) Interruption Reduction, 2) Fast Communication, 3) Low Cost (sometimes FREE), and 4) Time Savings.  BUT , there is a flipside to the fantasticsm of Email.  Just ask yourself this question – Do I suffer from common Email challenges?

Now ask yourself this question – What can I do about it?

Here are five tips to help you become an Email Etiquette Extraordinaire.

Tip 1: Don’t rely on spell check.  Spell check is great, but it doesn’t catch words you spell correctly, yet use incorrectly. For example, defiantly instead of definitely. Or, weather instead of whether.  Make a list of words you commonly misspell and don’t be afraid to ask someone to proof your Email before hitting send.

Tip 2: Touch it once, maybe twice Your time is valuable!  So treat your time with the respect you deserve.  Use this mantra … Read, Respond, File or Delete … Read, Respond, File or Delete … Read, Respond, File or Delete.  Aaaah.  Don’t you feel better already?

Tip 3: Make the reader want to open your Email.  Does your subject line invite or entice the reader to click “open”?  Your subject line should be short – 2 to 3 words only if at all possible.  It should include the most important and impactful information.  Let’s say for example you were sending a meeting invitation.  Decide whether the date, time, topic, or the fact it is mandatory is the most important.

Mandatory Meeting: September 30

Meeting: Sept. 30, 2-3 pm

Department Meeting: Sept. 30

Tip 4: Watch your punctuation Personally, I love emoticons and exclamation points; however, they are not always appropriate.  Use punctuation marks such as commas ( , ), colons ( : ), and semicolons ( ; ) properly. Use exclamation points sparingly and use emoticons VERY sparingly and ONLY if appropriate.

Tip 5: Remember the niceties What I mean is, don’t forget to include a greeting and a closing.  The tone of your email will be more personal if you begin with a Good morning, Greetings, Congratulations etc.  It will also provide closure and care by
including a Thank you, Best regards, or Have a great day.

Becoming an Email Etiquette Extraordinaire isn’t rocket science – it just takes a little time and some practice!