When thinking about other generations have you had thoughts similar to these?

They don’t know what work ethic is.

They are stuck in another era.

Haven’t they heard of putting in their time to climb the ladder?

Tension between generations is expected because we are different.  Let’s take for example the defining events of generations.  Baby Boomers witnessed the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the first man on the moon.   Generation X experienced a rise in single-parenting, mom’s working outside the home, and Desert Storm.  Millenials/Gen Y have grown up with digital media, the Internet, and the effects of 9/11.  These events help to shape us and influence our workplace views.

Focusing on differences contributes to communication breakdowns, power struggles, and frustrations.  The great news is that we are also the same, and by focusing on our sameness we can alleviate some of the difficulties caused by our differences.

Regardless of our generation, we have needs and goals that align with other generations – ways we are the same:

    1. Respect
    2. Belonging
    3. Success
    4. To be heard
    5. Fair treatment
    6. Encouragement
    7. Security
    8. Acceptance
    9. Happiness
    10. Love

So, the next time you are on a team and find yourself consumed by one of the aforementioned thoughts, determine what sameness you can focus on to bring the team together!