As the holiday season approaches, many of your employees will feel more stress.  Those who work in retail will be in contention with longer hours and crabby customers.  Those who live in colder climates will take on snowy and icy roads.  Many will take
on the stress of decorating, attending holiday festivies, and maybe even the added burden of shopping for gifts, wrapping them, and paying for them too.

What can you do?  Try a few of these Stress Management techniques …

For Your Employees

  1. Bring them treats or lunch
  2. Scrape the snow off of their car
  3. Bring a cup of hot cocoa to their desk
  4. Write them a than you
  5. Bring in a lunchtime massuese
  6. Decorate their work space
  7. Don’t add extra work to their workload
  8. Have a dry cleaner pick up and drop off their dry cleaning
  9. Tell them you trust them to do their job – but you are available if needed
  10. Have an eating contest to win a ½ day off with pay

For Yourself

  1. Get a massage
  2. Watch your favorite movie
  3. Set a budget and stick to it
  4. Add the words “No thank you” to your vocabulary
  5. Spend 10 minutes per day in your happy place
  6. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee
  7. Do something nice for someone else
  8. Keep a gratitiude journal
  9. Build a HUGE snowman
  10. Instead of ironing, take your shirts to the cleaners

Wishing you a day with enough stress to know your alive, but not so much stress that you scream!