The past five weeks have been utterly exhausting, and I have put my business on the back burner so to speak. Why? Because my Dad needed me.

In March, my 84-year-old Dad called me and said, “I think I want to sell my home. It’s too much to take care of.” This wasn’t the first time he said this, so I took a wait-and-see-if-he-is-serious-this-time approach. He was serious. He has lived in his home for 27 years.

With my husband by my side, we have been consumed by helping my Dad get his property ready—house, pole barn, greenhouse, storage sheds, garage, workshop, 3-acres. This required 25 hours of driving, nights on air mattresses and in hotels, multiple cans of bug spray to deter blood thirsty mosquitos, numerous trips to the landfill and to the thrift store, a myriad of items listed and sold on Facebook Marketplace, a moving sale, towing two trailers of “stuff”, painting, cleaning, packing, and countless phone calls, text messages, and emails with realtors and others.

This photo was taken this past Saturday right before I left his home for the very last time. We were both emotional that day. He said, “There are a lot of memories here.” He’s right.

So, for the past five weeks, family took priority. Emails had to wait sometimes. I didn’t always have the energy to do the non-essential parts of what I do like writing my weekly blog and posting on LinkedIn. I had to decline some work-related opportunities. I got sick in the middle of it all.

I’m tired.

I’m more than tired.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I am honored to help my Dad make this transition.

Today the moving truck came.