What could you accomplish if you just got out of your own way?  Sure, you might stumble a little, but stumbling has got to be better than standing stationary!  Imagine … breaking through the many roadblocks you have built over the years.

Inertia is your friend, so let’s get started!

First, get yourself a journal because this is going to take some writing – not too much though.  Second, work each week on answering one of the 12 questions below.  (*Note, this will take 12 weeks to complete.)  Third, when you discover something interesting or enlightening celebrate it! (I would love to hear it and celebrate with you so send me an email – expressivetraining@live.com – or leave a comment on my website!)

  1. What are my limiting thoughts? (e.g. I am fat.  I will never get this done.  My boss doesn’t like me.)
  2. How can I reframe 10 of my limiting thoughts into positives (read these daily). (e.g. I am healthy.  I will focus on one project at a time.  I am good at what I do.)
  3. Ask 5 people you know professionally and 5 people you know personally, ‘What do you admire most about me?”  Don’t be shy.  Push yourself beyond your comfort.
  4. What are the defining moments in my life and how do they define me?
  5. What values are driving who I am? (faith, helping others, education, family etc.)
  6. What values do I WANT to drive who I am?
  7. Who are two people I consider my heroes and why are they so?
  8. What are 20 things that make me the perfect me?
  9. If I had a magic wand, I would …
  10. What is non-negotiable in my life and what is negotiable? (8 hours of sleep per night, 40 hour work week, 3 workouts per week, television, eating at my desk for lunch, reading for pleasure before I go to bed, work meetings (be specific) etc.)
  11. If I were to die today, I would want my obituary to read …
  12. I give myself permission to (list a minimum of 10)

I am excited about the possibilities that will be opening up for you!