Hopefully after reading last week’s article you set a goal to create your To Do List each day before you left work or first thing when you arrived each morning.  If you didn’t, this week will be your chance to make writing a To Do List a daily goal.  (Of course you don’t have to stop there with goal setting.)

Goal setting is a method for holding ourselves accountable to do the things we need to do.  When it comes to Time Management, setting goals that are realistic, yet challenging increase our productivity and self-esteem.  Goal setting helps us stay focused and decreases the amount of distractions we fall victim to.

In November I wrote about setting SMART Goals.  I am a firm believer in this method for goal setting.  Here is the link: SMART goals for SMART folks.

Today, I want to share another great way to set goals that I learned years ago when I read The One Minute $ales Person, by Spencer Johnson

Johnson recommends writing goals in two parts and as if we have already accomplished them: 1) what are you doing? and 2) how are you feeling?  In his book he offers this example:

It is August of next year and I own a 32-foot blue and white sailboat that sleeps six.  I am wearing my favorite cap and shoes while I enjoy fishing, the feel of the sun on my face, and the joy of having my best friends on board. (p. 70)

So, it looks like this persons goal was to own a 32-foot sailboat by August of the following year.  Did you notice how it was written in present tense?

Now it is your turn.  But don’t just stop at writing it … post it somewhere you will see it several times a day and get to work on it.

Might I be so bold as to congratulate you NOW for accomplishing your goals?  Yes. Yes. I will be so bold!  Congratulations!  Keep up the fantastic work!