How many dollars do companies waste on disengaged employees?  *One employee cost Goldman Sachs an estimated $2 billion+.  Shocking?  How can it not be!  People Metrics offers a more realistic look at the cost of employee disengagement – $2,246 per employee.  Yikes!  Why are disengaged employees so expensive?

  1. Productivity falls: Working at full capacity isn’t seen as a requirement to get a paycheck. 
  2. Deadlines are missed: The sense of urgency needed to complete work on time isn’t deemed important.
  3. More sick days: Coming to work is usurped by avoiding work altogether.
  4. Training needs increase:  Time needed for performance improvement or onboarding new employees rises.
  5. Mistakes increase: Attention to detail is lost. 
  6. Sabotage:  Misery loves company – enough said.
  7. Customer dissatisfaction: The poor attitude of the disengaged employee infects customer interaction and relationships.

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*Source: Jacob Morgan