Be a Better Busy Leader

Expectations. Chaos. Demands on your time. Long list of to dos. Too many commitments. Too many deadlines. Too much to do. Not enough rest. Not enough calm. Not enough time. Is this what life sounds like for you right now? If it is, you could be headed in a bad direction. When life gets busy,

Becoming a Genius Leader

One mistake leaders can make is to act like they know every aspect of a job. This mistake is driven by the fear that if an employee can do something better than they the leader themself, it must mean they aren’t a good enough leader. Here’s the problem with bosses like that -- employees aren’t

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Ask, Don’t Tell

There are three things wrong with telling an employee what to do. It demotivates them. It doesn’t teach them how to think critically. It makes them dependent on you to solve problems. I had a boss who didn’t want to hear my input or ideas. Instead, he wanted me to execute his vision for a

The Cost of a Bad Leader

“In June of 2021, 74% of employees said they experience burnout on the job at least sometimes.” I read this statistic in a recent Gallup article, and I am frustrated that some leaders (apparently way too many) are still failing to give their employees what they need. The Great Resignation isn’t over. 11.5 million U.S.

Using Questions to Build Trust

My boss asked me to complete the report ASAP. So, I did. I completed it after I finished the other five things I was working on. When I emailed the report to my boss, she asked me. “Wow! What took so long??” There are two things wrong with that exchange of words.  One, I was

How Listening to Understand Builds Trust

It was a tough conversation to have with my boss.  I told her that I didn’t feel my talents were being used in the best way and that I had more to give, more to contribute to the team. I gave examples of how I could do more and grow my skills. She nodded her

Be a Leader Your Employees Trust

Closed doors. Rumors. Disappearance. Whispers in corners. Widespread panic. What was happening!?! It was 2001 and the company I worked for was laying off employees. People were given boxes for their belongings, then they were ushered out. Poof! They were gone. The worst magic act ever. This memory came to mind when I read leadership